Student E-telier Salon 2024

e-telier™ offers online, atelier-style art classes from the Art Students League of New York.  The League is pleased to announce our e-telier Student Salons, a series of monthly virtual exhibitions highlighting the work of our e-telier students. The exhibitions include work from every discipline taught on e-telier (including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media) and are rotated monthly, with several classes included in each installment. e-telier Student Salons offer the opportunity to become familiar with the work created by e-telier students as well as discover new work by artists in the early stages of their careers. The shows are curated by League instructors. Enjoy.

February 1, 2024
Student's Work Instructor Class Name On View
Christopher Gallego Advanced Drawing and Painting View Show
Eric March Fundamentals of Drawing Online View Show
Charles Nitzberg Fashion Drawing View Show
March 1, 2024
Student's Work Instructor Class Name On View
Sylvie Covey Printmaking with a Press View Salon
Elizabeth Demaray Conceptual Art: a Master Class for Everyone View Salon
Yuka Imata Portrait Drawing Starts Feb 1st
March 1, 2024
Student's Work Instructor Class Name On View
Hugo Xavier Bastidas Art Theory and Criticism View Show
Peter Bonner Abstraction: Inspiration & Development of Ideas View Show
Naomi Campbell Expressive Figure Watercolor Painting View Show
Yuka Imata Portrait Drawing View Show
Pat Lipsky Painting with Emphasis on 20th & 21st Century View Show
Ricky Mujica Oil Painting for All Levels View Show
Karen O'Neil Still Life Basics View Show
Kamilla Talbot Landscape Painting as Metaphor View Show